• Onui studio

    Onui studio is a design studio run by brother and sister.
    Coming from a different perspective of spatial and product design, Onui studio creates by fusing the two standpoints.

  • We aim for our design to be Outgoing and fun;
    by implementing the element of fun in concept, form, and materials.
    For Onui studio, element of outgoingness is like salt in cuisine.

  • Niche can be spatial and intangible.
    Onui studio believes that Intangible niche is one’s taste, and its that intangible niche in heart is what we aim to create.

  • Onui studio designs for the ultimate me, your true self.
    Onui studio believes that your true self is to furnish one’s space with their taste.
    That space may be a home or their dwelling of any size.

  • Onui studio wishes to have made an imprint of true self to those who have encountered onui studio.

With these 4 cores, Onui studio wishes people to be their true self by surrounding their dwelling with the things they love.

Find your taste here.